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5 Fall Curb Appeal Ideas For Selling Your Home

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

As fall season approaches I've been waiting to decorate our house for fall since I had to put away all our fall decor last year! It is my favorite time of year for obvious reasons. The fall is like comedic relief in a dramatic movie. Summer (being the dramatic movie) in the beginning is great at first but then as it drags on I'm overwhelmed with this constant central valley heat where going outside feels like being in an oven and just as I think it'll never end I look outside to find our tree in the front yard has several red leaves on it! I know it's still August but I think my tree is giving me permission to break out my stuff early! Yes I know the first day of fall isn't technically until Sep. 22nd but when Starbucks releases it's pumpkin spice drinks it always helps to kick off the season right.

I am constanly on the hunt for fall decor inspiration and when it comes to selling people's homes during this time of year I find it is always helpful to stage and add a little seasonal decor to the outside! It makes everything feel warm and cozy! Plus first impressions are everything and it helps buyers visualize what it would be like living in the house.

Here are 5 great photo inspirations to get your creative fall ideas rolling and make your home attract buyers!

1. Add a fall wreath to your front door and pretty orange mums in olive buckets to your porch for an easy fall update. See more here.

2. A wood welcome sign and pumpkins add cozy fall harvest charm. See more here.

3. Welcome the season with a chalk board sign! Everyone has these nowadays because they are awesome and versatile! They can also be changed for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! See more here.

4. Set up a cozy sitting area letting buyers sit and think of a good offer to write up! See more here.

5. Lights, and a little outdoor coffee/hot chocolate bar! Yes please! I would have to do this for an open house! See more here.

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