Listing your home with Stacy Real Estate Brokerage

for 2%


We want you to keep more money in your pocket

Listing Commission

If you are considering or even needing to sell your home during a time when the holidays are right around the corner we are offering to list your home for 2% on the listing broker side. You get an a experienced broker who has sold hundreds of homes and a team who has the upmost loyalty and dedication to each and everyone of it's clients. 

Reduced commission + 100% service to you

Reduced commission does NOT mean reduced services! We love all of our clients and work non stop to give them the best experience with us possible. You get everything we have to offer backed by over a decade of experience.

Total Common Commissions

 Are usually from 5 to 6 percent of the purchase price of the property and the listing and buyers agents usually split this equally. Most brokerages don't allow their agents to work for under 2.5 percent!

Why 2%? Because we can! We are the brokerage and do not have to pay a commission split or brokerage fees.

This is why our side (the listing side) is done for 2% and the buyers agent commission will remain at the normal commission percentage to keep your home competitive!

This offer is for a limited time!

Please call us for details! We're so excited to work with you!


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